Asphyxia Noir in some Steam(y)punk fashion


When I saw Blue Blood was sending over a shoot with Asphyxia Noir my way, I knew I had done something right in the universe (well, maybe not in THIS lifetime…but still…). This BlueBlood shoot with Forrest Black and Amelia G at the helm is amazing (have they ever done wrong?). Of course, Asphyxia Noir makes it pretty darn easy to have a great shoot. This has a lot of great BlueBlood elements in it–leather–lots of leather. This is steampunk with a rather great twist.

The twist is–I can’t take my eyes off of the corset. I honestly had to double check to see if this was steampunk (and it works rather well as steampunk). That is how hot these photos get. I honestly lost myself in the review. Because it is a shoot that has a lot of black in it, the touches of color for her eyes and lips really stand out. There is this innocence that Asphyxia demonstrates that really shouldn’t exist–but it works oh so well. This is, in my opinion, what that Alice n Wonderland game could have looked like. I can see it.

If you like Steampunk or just really stunning women posing with every inch of their body (Forrest is right, her eyes are darn right amazing), then you need to check this shoot out.

P.S. the rings and necklace are rather well done too! Hats off!

I had fun shooting these with sexy Asphyxia Noir. I really like what her trademark spooky eyes look like through the emerald green goggles and the steampunk colors really suit her well. She also told me the punk-rock story behind that huge cut that runs right up her thigh, which came from a poorly fastened pyramid stud while she was on stage. I hope you like these, they make me want to play Asphyxia in some kind of crazy MMORPG. ~Forrest


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