Dorothy rocking the space Sailor outfit


Dorothy is back and this time in space! In this BlueBlood shoot by Amelia G and Forrest Black, Dorothy rocks a killer space sailor-moonesque outfit with a killer set of day-glo makeup and hair to boot. There is so much going on in this little shoot that I don’t know where to begin!

Hair – seriously, this has to be one of the trademark looks for Dorothy. We’ve got the pinks in blue with a light aqua swirl going on and it works perfectly. Why does it work perfectly? Is it the background color? Is it the mixture of the pink and blues on her skirt? Yes and Yes, but the main reason is – that perfect makeup matching Dorothy does. I have yet to see anyone do make up as well as Dorothy. The colors are perfect for her eyebrows, lips, and eye tints and nails. This is the hairstyle she is rocking on the cover of her Ultra Happy Alarm art book, which I hear there is still time to order for the holidays.

Here’s the secret to her perfection – no matter how loud the colors are – none of them drown the others out. They somehow all work – it’s almost because she uses that many colors but in a truly professional blend that they all sort of form this perfect Dorothy callaloo.

We had a lot of fun doing these. The setup was a bit of work, but I think it was totally worth it. Dorothy looks so cute as a fantasy rainbow space sailor-girl. I have whole adventures going on in my head as I look through them. Anyway, hope you enjoy them too!
Forrest Black~


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