The Adorable And Daring Supergirl Cosplay Of LadyStarr


We’re in for a treat with LadyStarr, the gorgeous lady with a lovely smile that could melt ice cream from across the room. She’s also got a lively attitude and friendly way that’s adorable, and it only gets better with the sexiness she adds to the scene with her tight cosplay of the Girl Of Steel.

I’m loving the way she looks in that cosplay, and as I pay attention to her, I notice that Supergirl isn’t the only DC character in the room today, since LadyStarr also shows us a Flash that bares her gorgeous and perky “talents”. She even take off her superhero top in full immediately after, letting us enjoy the view of what’s underneath, which is a great thing, because I’ve always wanted to know what lies beneath that “S” Supergirl always wears on her chest.

LadyStarr Writes:

Jenga Master | Taco Addict | Virtual Friend |


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