Pool Time With Sinon


I remember the year the anime, Sword Art Online, was aired. It was the year the cosplay conventions instantly turned into a “Kirito Convention” because there were sooo sooo many Kirito cosplayers…and maybe some Asuna cosplays too.

When the second season of Sword Art Online aired, expectantly we braced ourselves because Sinon cosplays were coming. True enough, Sinon cosplayers did pop up during conventions – though not as many as the Kiritos during the Kirito Conventions.

Most of the Sinon cosplays seen even online is that of Sinon wearing her default costume. However, Thai cosplayer, Misaki, chose to cosplay a different version of Sinon –one that not a lot have dared to cosplay. Sinon in her swimsuit. This version was based on a popular figure of Sinon that was manufactured by Chara-ani.

The following cosplay photos were taken by the talented NATGJI & SIEW the photographer.


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