Hendo will Rock You


Hendoo, hendo will rock you! (insert Queen – We will rock you Beat here) Let’s go back to the very first and cool animated cartoon for “cool kids” when we were young and it’s the ORIGINAL Teen Titans in cartoon network. I’m emphasizing ORIGINAL since the new Teen Titans now really sucks and made their leader, Robin a doofus who can’t lead and is very immature unlike in the original Teen Titans where he can maintain the team together and even beat the crap out of them even without any super power or robotic upgrades but we’re not talking about Robin, we’re talking about someone which is much worse and stronger than Robin and that is Terra.

12107815_1183360491690682_7196434987745265743_nTerra was a former member of the Teen Titans, whose role as a hero or villain is complicated. However, she was led astray by Slade, who tempted her by promising her that he could teach her to control her powers, in return for her unwavering loyalty and devoted apprenticeship. She’s the kind of character where you really don’t know which faction she belongs to. You know those typical series where there’s this strong guy who can beat the crap out of the main team and is really complicated with no real and permanent faction? That’s just who Terra is.

Our cosplayer for today is the beautiful, young and sexy HendoArt or real name, Sarrah Hendo. HendoArt just started cosplaying this year and you wouldn’t expect that she’s just a new famous cosplayer because of the art and skills she can show. And unlike new cosplayer which coplay characters which are easy to make and copy, Hendo didn’t. Instead, she went very advance and cosplayed complicated fighting action characters and marvel superheroes. But nevertheless HendoArt is a new cosplayer who has a literally rapid growth with cosplaying skills.

I love how HendoArt’s face and body feature matches almost any female cartoon or anime character. Her slim body and just the right size of breast are features that can be found on most young female characters. Besides that, she was able to cosplay Terra of Teen Titans and made it much better. Her blonde wig really matches her skin tone and face that you wouldn’t know that it’s a wig unless you’re a wig lover (lol) or weren’t able too see her real hair.

HendoArt is a great cosplay with a greater potential because of her rapid growth in cosplaying so let us support her by following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let’s also support her photographer, Estrada Photography and follow him on Twitter.


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