From Teen Titans to Titan Hotties!


I’ve always been a fan of superheroes ever since I was a little girl . And it has always been so amazing for me to see those little boys and girls become the hero they wanna be, even if it was just in movies, animes, or cartoons. It doesn’t matter if its fiction as long as they’re heroes!

One of the epic heroes that I loved so much were Starfire and Raven from Teen Titans for their awesome powers and oh so cute personalities! They’re like sisters but from different worlds just like these two beauties, Pamelacosplay as Starfire and Erika Perez as Raven, who turned Starfire and Raven from teen titans to teen hotties!

Photos were taken by Mike W. Mendez and MarvelMermaid.

Teen Titans: Starfire and Raven

Teen Titans: Starfire and Raven


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