Scared Rider Xechs


From the great minds of the maker of Hayate the Combat Butler! Heaven Is a Place on Earth comes and anime version of Red Entertainment’s visual novel series Scared Rider Xechs.

If there’s something fans love, it is and idol group of handsome men or superheroes and this anime is all in one. If you first watched the pilot episode, you’d really think that the main protagonist is Yousuke, a Rider who cannot transform for some reason. To my surprise, the main protagonist of this story is Akira, whom Yousuke saved from the plane when the aliens from The Red World attacked it on the way to the LAG home base, a defense facility. It seems like the Earth is called The Blue World but it was not mentioned much on earlier episodes.

Akira is the 6th Division’s instructor although she is way younger than them — at the age of 17! It seems that Akira is a super genius who has an identical memory with Hako, also a young female instructor. If you are a type of person who loves mecha, sci-fi, politics, conspiracy and romance with a little bit — just a wee bit — school life, then this anime is a great match for you!


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