There has been a lot of fantasy anime lately and there’s just so much to choose from that you barely had time to watch it all. One of the fantasy type of anime that caught my attention lately is Re:ZEro — Starting Life In Another World. Although the manga version has been published since January 25, 2014, it was only last April 4, 2016 that they started airing the anime version.

So, what’s the story about?

The story started out when our protagonist, Subaru Natsuki, went out to buy food on a 24-hour convenient store and when he was about to cross the street, his visions become blurred — or so it seems. When he crossed the street, he is suddenly on a different dimension.

On the first episode, I really thought that maybe this is not the first episode or maybe I missed something, especially when Subaru said that he will look for the cute maiden who summoned him. It figures that Subaru plays a lot of games and watches a lot of anime/manga that this is the usual concept of those stories — the main character being summoned by a princess on distress.

The most exciting part in this movie is about Subaru dying — several times. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that every time he dies, he wakes up on a certain time frame but Subaru thinks that he just fell asleep and dreamt about it or it was just a vision. He later found out that he did actually die, for the feeling of being stabbed is still there.

Funny though, because people in this world speaks Japanese but does not accept her Japanese currency which ended up him being shoo-ed away from the food stalls.

While being mugged on an alley, he was saved by a beautiful half-elf, who called herself that time “Satella”, but it was actually a name of a jealous witch and not the half-elf’s name. In return, Subaru helped “Satella” to look for the thief who stole her insignia.

The thief, they later discovered as Felt, actually had a client who requested the specific insignia. Before retrieving the insignia, Subaru died several times in several ways, in which he later called Return By Death.

It is never too late to follow the anime (if you’re too tired to check out the manga version) since it just started months ago and the latest episode as of date is episode 17 released on July 24, 2016.


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