Morgana cosplay by Issabel

Morgana, the “Fallen Angel”, is an immortal in League of Legends that was disowned by her sister Kayle when she refused to join Kayle’s cause. Morgana fights in the league so she can destroy Kalye over and over in hopes of finishing the job once and for all to return home as a hero. Morgana is a multi-purpose character. She can help her team mates (support setups) just as easily as she can destroy opponents (attack setups). Morgana has a spell vamp which means her spell damage heals herself. Considering how potent her spell attacks can be, that spell vamp comes out to a lot of self heal. She definately has just as much support and desctutive power as she has in the looks department.

The photos were taken in late August 2014 by Lewandowsky Photography and show off Issabel as Morgana. These photos are also posted on Humble Geek. crystal ball, white eyes, wings, and the original outfit of Morgana make it a rather complete cosplay. And it’s certainly no slouch in the appearances category!!

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