Hehe, Commander, Where Are You Looking At?


“Touching me would improve your luck? I think I have heard such rumors.” — St. Louis, Hull Number CL-49

When it comes to games like Azur Lane and Kantai Collection, some people ask why the need to anthropomorphize battle ships for fictional games, but a better question is asked by the fans of these games: why not? Sure, it turns some of history’s fiercest battle ships into cute girls but let’s look away from that gruesome history and remember these battle ships in a new light shall we?

You won’t be able to look away this time though. Why? Because here to grace your dock with her presence is Azur Lane’s ship girl USS St. Louis in her new ★Luxurious Wheels★ attire. She is cosplayed by none other than the beautiful Hoshilily. Thanks to this cosplay you won’t need to trouble yourself with downloading the game and spending too much time (and possibly cash) just to be able to acquire and see this beautiful ship.


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