Don’t Starve (With) LilRavenFox!


LilRavenFox is collecting some supplies and seeing creatures go by. She’s also making sure to start a fire in case she gets cold because the darkness comes and with it, come a lot of horrors. The redhead is back to playing video games and I’m pretty excited to see her going for Don’t Starve since her stream was my first introduction to the game and I’ve gotten hooked since so it’s pretty fun to see her get her bearings in order and try to… well, not starve or anything of the sort.

Her adorable self is bubbly at pretty much anything she sees which just makes this show a joy to watch and with more sticks come more campfires – and away I go to see LilRavenFox‘s gaming extravaganza!

Don't Starve (With) LilRavenFox!

Don't Starve (With) LilRavenFox!

Don't Starve (With) LilRavenFox!

Cum for the Hair, Stay for the lilArmy


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