Rioko’s Shapely Gneisenau Cosplay


Azure Lane is a game comprised of playable school girl-looking characters that are equipped with guns to fight of enemies at sea. It’s one of those collect, grind, then upgrade free–to–play games but with a more relaxing atmosphere without the pay to win problem.

The hype for Azur Lane has gone down in the past months, but this cosplay by Rioko has made a lot of noise on social media and probably even went as far as resurrected a lot of Azur Lane gamer fans who’ve stopped playing and have moved on to different games. Rioko had taken to social media to pay homage to one of Azur Lane’s characters named “Gneisenau”. Yes, she is named after the historic German battleship that sunk in 1945. In fact, all of the names of the characters are based on historic ships. But more importantly, what do you think of Rioko’s cosplay?


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