Welcome Back, My Proud Master


“I am a Dido Class Ship and the 5th Ship of the HMS 2nd Cruiser Squadon, I took part in the last naval battle of the Mediterranean, the Battle of Leyte Gulf. I am now a Maid in the Royal Navy, and will battle only for the Master! Master, what will we be looking into today? Famous literary works? War tactics? Artworks and sculptures? Or perhaps… the concept of “love”?” – Sirius

Sirius is one of the many all-female characters of Azur Lane. Much like the earlier game Kantai Collection, Azur Lane is about famous ships personified by lovely ladies. Cosplayer and model, Aqua, who is a fan of game characters has blessed her current fans and future followers with this daring cosplay of Sirius. A sure treat for all players out there who consider this character their waifu.

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