March Comes in like a Lion


3-gatsu no Lion or March Comes In Like A Lion is an ongoing manga series that was released first on July 13, 2007 by Chica Umino, best known for the manga/anime Honey and Clover.

This story is set in Tokyo and the protagonist is Rei Kiriyama, whom lived independently away from his foster family, living his life financially sufficient with the help of his job as a shogi player.

Although financially stable, his relationship with his foster family is not that good. He decided, after winnning and having a job as a shogi player, he decided that he doesn’t need school but one day returned to school after a year of stopping because he felt the need to attend school.

Rei one day got acquainted with three Kawamoto sisters named Akari, Hinata, and Momo. They are the opposite of him. They live in a decent/humble home and welcomed Rei like a family member, which made him visit them often and is treated with care and affection that he never felt from his foster family.

3-gatsu no Lion’s anime version is scheduled to be aired October 8, 2016 with 22 episodes.


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