Shapely Siege From Arknight Cosplay


There is not much information about Arknights (not to be confused with Arcknight) in western social medias but it’s a fledgling mobile strategy game pretty much similar to the likes of Girls’ Frontline. I didn’t know about the game until I saw this cosplay of one of its characters named Siege. To this date, there is not much information regarding the backstory of this character and there is no available translated character description yet. The game’s original language is in Chinese and translation of the game into other languages is still in the works. However, the game has already launched and is being played in some places in Asia. This is the reason why cosplays from this franchise is popping up on social media. The game has a long way to go and a lot of translation needed to achieve the same if not more popularity than its other tower game rivals. I’m hoping in the near future we can enjoy the game as much as we enjoy looking at this cosplay.

Cosplayer : @鬼畜瑶在不在w


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