Scorching-Hot Training!


“*pant*…*pant*…Man, it’s so sunny today…Commander, could ya lend me your parasol? I’m starting to feel my brains melting away…”

Fancy a game with Bremerton? Whenever we say Azur Lane, the setting that comes to mind is always at the beach, but this seems to be a different take. Azure Lane commanders rejoiced when Bremerton’s sports skin graced their docks.

Ever since the game’s release in 2017, this side-scrolling shooting gameplay still remains popular with fans even to this day. Each event brings a new challenge that gamers are eager to compete for. Cosplayers too are eagerly awaiting new skin designs to wear. What do you think of this character skin?

Cosplay by: 瓜希酱
Photography by: 棱镜茶


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