Exceptional YoRHa Type A No.2 Cosplay


Let’s face it there are so many times that amazing cosplays are taken for granted. Much like famous brand names overshadowing quality products with not so well known brand names, there are some cosplayers who have not made that big of a name for themselves who, together with their photographers, are able to produce outstanding photoshoots of their cosplays. Take for example Luft’s cosplay of A2 from the recently released popular game NieR: Automata.

A2 or “YoRHa Type A No.2” is a protagonist of the game. She is an android that served as the prototype that was used in the creation of the more superior androids, 2B and 9s, who are also protagonists of the game. As a character, A2 is written to have a quiet personality and mostly keeps to herself.

As a playable character, gamers have made mentioned that she handles quite similarly to the character, 2B, but with some key differences. Experienced gamers also made mention of A2’s aggressive movements and that given the right Plug-in Chips, she has the highest damage potential out of all the playable characters in the game.


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