Gangut Gracing Your Dock With Her Presence


Just when I thought all the fuzz about Azure Lane has come to an end, another cosplay emerges to prove me wrong. New games and anime may have emerged but clearly Azure Lane hasn’t been forgotten and continues to be discovered by more anime fans, gamers, and cosplayers.

Azure Lane haters may want to rethink their positions and jump into the wagon after seeing Wii’s captivating cosplay of Gangut. The otaku fanbase may be critical but they are always in search of a new cosplayer to fawn over and Wii just might fill that need. Along with it, give ample promotion to the game whose characters she just loves to bring into the real world through her cosplay photoshoots.

Wii’s transformation into the ship girl called Gangut will for sure draw in more male fanbase and please her current followers.


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