Let The Rage Consume You!: Venom Cosplay by Erika Perez


For most people, we remember Venom as Edward Brock, the second host of the Venom symbioses which feeds on the adrenaline or most likely rage of its host as we have seen in the movie Spider-man 3. It has the ability to give its host the same super powers as Spider-man however as long as it remains in its host, the host becomes more and more consumed by its rage and greed craving for more power.

Here’s Erika Perez‘s Venom bodypaint cosplay created by the talented Stevie the Artist. It was so cool that it makes Erika’s Venom cosplay seem more real unlike others’ Venom cosplay. It’s so awesome that it’s creepy!

Photos were taken and edited by Trick Productions Photography/Studio.


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