Bourbon with Demonic Succubus Dark Elf Miscellaneous Sexy Fae AlicexMaia


AlicexMaia wins Halloween. So I asked if her gorgeous Halloween look is dark elf, succubus, or other assorted dark fae. So she says it is an amalgamation because she doesn’t really like to label herself. She is so scrumptious. One of my favorite things is costumes which are inspired by existing lore and fandoms but not specific to any one thing because the wearer has their own vibe combining what they are into. I am so into the combination of sleek black body-clinging clothing with that comic book cleavage plunge and the black horns and red eyes and pointy ears. It all comes together so well on her. So I consider this an excellent amalgamation. Everyone in her room agrees that it would be great if cool booze bottles which riff on tropes of aliens and skulls could contain actual delicious alcohol. Also, I learned something today: apparently gin tastings are a thing. She is drinking bourbon right now, but it might be possible to peer pressure her into drinking tequila, so take a moment to benefit from a free profile for Halloween and come join the conversation.


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