BraisleeAdams Terrifying (Sexy) Silent Hill Cosplay


A lot of people just go a little extra sexy for Halloween, but BraisleeAdams is doing an extra naughty version of the terrifying nurses from Silent Hill. In Silent Hill, the creepy nurses are a psychological echo of hospital trauma manifested by the hero’s wounded brain. This Halloween, I don’t think the manifestation of BraisleeAdams will cause too much trauma, only pleasure. I’m really enjoying her mix of horror and sexiness. That eye is unsettling, but everything goes better with boobs. I think it is pretty hilarious also that I could screencap a shot of her show and keep it SFW, without cropping, by tipping because the thank you box she has programmed to pop up blocked her ladyparts. I love the creepy background she set up as well. Yay for technology.


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