This Sexy Dark Angel Makeup Will Have You Feeling Devilish

YouTuber Melina Farahani has made this incredibly hot makeup tutorial where she teaches how to achieve a sexy dark angel look that will have you stealing souls at every Halloween party you attend. She starts it off with an intro that shows off the look as well as her fun personality, and you are soon learning how to make this look into a reality for you.

She starts off by priming her eyelids with some Primark My Perfect liquid concealer, applying it on nice and thick to make a light base on her lid and then buffing it out with a fluffy brush and setting it with some white eyeshadow. She then takes some PVA glue and glues down the end of her brow before adding some more concealer over it. Dipping into her Urban Decay Naked palette she defines her brow with a black shade using a fluffy brush. She uses a darker color called blackout with flatter brushes to help make a defined line and the start of a wing. That wing will be formed and defined by some liquid eyeliner that is applied long and so sharp it could cut your heart out. She uses the same blackout shade from the Naked palette to shape her brows, making them short and upward pointed as well as sweeping down into the nose.

The next step is foundation, and she uses a Rimmel concealer as foundation to achieve the look she is going for. Then she uses the same concealer she did for her eyelids to highlight, and then she sets it all with some Ben Nye banana setting powder. She uses a shade from her Morphe palette to contour her face and nose, bringing some shape and shade to her face to really carve out her features. She then goes a little old school and uses a black eyeshadow from her Naked palette to do her lips, kinda like a lot of us used to do back in the day before black lipstick was commonplace.

She uses some lash glue to apply her horns, mapping out the location where they will go with some black eyeshadow first. She then took some black paint and painted around the edge of the horns. Once her contacts are in, this look is done and it is a real easy but awesome look that you can easily recreate for your party, event, or ritual. Check out Melina Farahani on YouTube to see more of her tutorials!





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