AlicexMaia Gan-moo Cosplay


So SexyFandom readers are probably familiar with Ganyu from the free fantasy video game Genshin Impact, but have you met Gan-moo? Well, AlicexMaia is doing a truly inspired cosplay mashup tonight and it is free for you to stop by and say hello this Halloween weekend. Right now, AlicexMaia has her beverage decorated with a glow stick in the straw and we are all discussing snacks which are ideal for gaming. AlicexMaia made the astute observation that Doritos are really kind of the worst option because they make your hands all sticky and get all over the keyboard, but there is just something about Doritos that also seems to satisfy a certain craving when playing video games. You are welcome to come join the conversation in her livestream and share your current anime watchlist and gamer snacks preferences.


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