LilyKush Devil Girl 420 Skull Fun


LilyKush is a sexy gothic devil girl tonight. She says black lipstick is a challenge with her ginormous skull bong because it puts a black smudgy circle around her mouth. I think her black lipstick looks amazing on her anyway with her cool black light setup. She just finished playing that really insanely catchy Lilyisthatyou FMRN song and now it is stuck in my head. Now she is on to some hip hop and I can’t show you any screencaps here because I have to keep everything SFW, but LilyKush is doing a remarkable twerking dance. I swear that rainbow glass she has is like half her height, it is so giant. She says it has little threads of glow in the dark parts too, but they are hard to see on camera. If you would like to make song recommendations, it is free to stop by and you can tip if you like. When you do tip, your name flies across the screen, which is kind of fun the way LilyKush has it set up.


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