Grumpy Pouty Nino Nakano


High school, five girls, one boy = a high school harem. This is basically the TLDR summary of the anime, The Quintessential Quintuplets.

It’s expected that every season there has to be one of “these” shows and while some may say that this is a cheesy harem, a huge number of people have also argued that they can get behind this kind of harem show with some people dubbing it as “this season’s wholesome harem anime” thereby boosting its popularity.

For cosplayer, Sherry, it’s obvious she’s jumped on that wagon. Here’s her cute portrayal of one of the show’s quintuplets named Nino Nakano. She is the second born among the siblings and is basically the mom type who starts off hating the protagonist but later on eventually ends up liking him like the rest of her sisters do.


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