Your Boring Girlfriend, Utaha


It is no surprise that Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend comedey anime series about otaku culture has become quite popular. Obviously a lot of anime fans are in fact otaku. So, of course, an anime with this relatable theme is like honey for the bears.

The main protagonist of the show is an otaku boy who needs to make a visual novel but he can’t make it alone. So he enlists the help of two girls – a talented doujin artist and a published novelist.

Having a harem-oriented plot, this anime’s fans certainly have their own ships. Luckily there’s been no bloody wars fought over these ships despite people having different opinions on who the “best girl” is.

Cosplayer, N-apoleon, has cosplayed one of the protagonists of the series. Utaha Kasumigaoka – a friendly model student, the perfect daughter, a novelist, and everyone’s dream girl in school. However, as far as “gap personality” is considered adorable, in private, Utaha can be a sassy little miss disdainfully sarcastic.


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