Bunnygirl Utaha Because, Why Not?

No fan service anime is ever complete without bunny girls, so relatively in cosplay, you haven’t seen it all if you haven’t seen a bunny girl cosplay including this of Saekano’s lovely character, Utaha Kasumigaoka, by Ciel. Most cosplayers usually portray this character in her school uniform because that is what you will mostly see of her when it comes to the anime, but knowing Japan and its talent for making a variation of official products like collectible figures in relation to this anime, it is not entirely impossible to see this character in such an outfit.

While in the West, this costume is known but not popular because of copyright laws, in Japan where copyright is less enforced, this costume became has been seen in many popular Japanese media like anime and comic books. Because of this, the bunnygirl term was coined and the costume has now become something commonly worn in cosplay. So to say the bunnygirl costume trend is all worn out by now is ridiculous and even if it does go out of the fad someday, I’m pretty sure Japan will have another crazy costume fad to take its place, if not add to growing list of strange but popular costume fads.

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