A Cheerleader, Lollipops….and a Chainsaw

Ever since the zombie outbreaks from Racoon City happened pretty much everyone from fans, to writers to film makers, and even to more game makers has been influenced by the idea of a zombie apocalypse possibly happening through some sort of mishap.

Lollipop Chainsaw is another game with a zombiefied theme wherein the leading character, Juliet Starling, who by the way is a cheerleader and a magical zombie hunter, must journey together with the severed talking head of her boyfriend to defeat the zombies in town.

With all the zombie apocalyptic themed franchises, it isn’t shocking that this particular theme would sell and even create a following from creators who make their own tributes to the franchise. Japanese cosplayer, gamer, manga and anime lover, Momoiro Reku (a.k.a. Momoreku) is one such creator. Her cosplay of Lollipop chainsaw’s chainsaw-wielding cheerleader has become a fan favorite in various websites.

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