Elizabeth Rage’s Silk Costume is the Rage at Cosplays!


For the past year, Spider-Verse super-heroine Silk has seemed to be the rage in cosplay. But the real rage should be cosplayer Elizabeth Rage. Elizabeth’s poses depict the Spider-Man spin-off character so good it’s as if Silk herself jumped directly out of the comic book. Oscar Ponce of OCM Photography did a super job shooting the photo below especially with the use of the city background set and the tangled web that Elizabeth appears to casually stretch out on. Shots such as these will make any guy long to be caught in Silk’s web. The first cosplay-related event Elizabeth premiered wearing her costume was back in August 2015 at D23 Expo, the biannual convention for Disney’s official fan club.

Elizabeth’s “Silk” suit was designed by Gunhead Design and made by The RPC Studio, a prop replica and costume company. The costume, as with most of the company’s other wearable merchandise, is 90% polyester and 10% spandex (no, no silk). The colors are made through a method called dye sublimation and, according to RPC, will not fade if washed. The attached shoes are Kung-Fu style, making it easier for the cosplayer to pose in martial art-like fighting stances.

Find out more about Elizabeth Rage’s cosplay activity by tweeting her @elizabeth_rage.

Silk cosplayer

"Silk"issue number 1 comic book cover.

So happy I go to ‘debut’ my new @therpcstudio #Silk suit at #D23 this year! Come on #Disney! Let’s give some of the #SpiderGirls a movie!!!


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