Elizabeth Liones Cosplay By Pingping


Cosplayers who have work or have school know that one of the challenges of cosplaying has always been having the time to indulge in it. According to Vietnamese cosplayer, Pingping, she’s been busy a lot lately because of her schooling so she hasn’t had that much time for new cosplays but she was kind enough to share with everyone her cosplay of Elizabeth Liones from Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins).

Elizabeth Liones is a princes if the Kingdom of Liones and is the main female protagonist in the story. Not much is known about her early years, however, it is visible that Elizabeth has grown up to be a kind, and polite woman with a brave soul. Elizabeth’s selfless attitude has made her a favorite for the audience. The only vulnerability Elizabeth has is her low self-esteem which blinds her into thinking she is worthless and cannot fight at all.


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