MJ Wants to Be Spidey For A Day!


Carleigh‘s Spiderman Cosplay would probably be one of the hottest Spiderman genderbent cosplay I’ve ever seen. She wore this cosplay suit at Long Beach Comic Con. It was so hot that she was even featured on 9gag. However, she gained numerous insulting comments from several users of the site even though her whole body was covered with Spidey’s suit.

Screenshot (361)

Source: 9gag

In contrast to those who assumed her Spidey cosplay for a Spiderman genderbent cosplay, Carleigh explained in her Instagram cosplay page that she was simply cosplaying MJ in Spidey’s suit. “Imagine what would it be if MJ would take Spidey’s suit for a day.”

These amazing photos were taken by Wonderwall Vision.

MJ in Spiderman Suit Art by Diabolumberto

MJ in Spiderman Suit Art by Diabolumberto


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