Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho! Elizabeth Swann Cosplay by Emmalee Froehlich

Cheers to our fellow pirate mates!

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the longest-running film series produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Walt Disney Pictures. The film was actually based on one of Disney’s theme park ride of the same name.

Well, for most Pirates of the Caribbean fans, such as I, one of the most notable female characters you would find in the story is the brave, intelligent, and spirited beautiful Miss Elizabeth Swann who was lovestruck to Will Turner during the first series of the movie until they eventually became husband and wife in the third series. What’s amazing is that both of of them unexpectedly became pirate lords of different flagships. Elizabeth Swann rules the South China Sea pirates, while Will Turner rules the Netherworld as the new captain of the Flying Dutchman.

Speaking of the lovely Miss Elizabeth Swann, here’s Emmalee Froehlich‘s gorgeous Elizabeth Swann Cosplay which was taken at the beach, in the Pirates of the Caribbean – Disneyland Resort. She’s wearing a plain white, off-shoulder dress which resembles Elizabeth’s nightgown in the movie, matched with a vintage-looking pirate hat. The whole look was simple which reminds me of the pure and innocent young Elizabeth before she was entangled with the whole pirate adventure with Jack, Will, and the rest of the crew.

These creative photos were taken by Jessica: Dollface.

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