BlueBlood presents Lum wearing some killer boots (and not much else)


BlueBlood’s newest Lum offering is staged in an industrial complex that looks a bit rustic. The play of color here is striking as the earth tones of the complex are up against the multi-color inked girl next door Lum.

Lum’s oversized jacket matches the oversized a wee bit taller than thigh high fully laced with about 5″ spiked heels. The combination gives the perfect illusion that Lum is fully dressed. It’s not until the jacket becomes slightly open that we see the only thing holding Lum’s full glory back is a soft shoulder shrug.

Gotta love those boots–I’d hate to be the person to lace them, but gotta love tight thigh highs that lead to delicious trouble.

I love being open to creative spontaneity because sometimes the most random fortuitous things end up making the coolest images. A friend of Lum’s was hanging out while we were shooting and she snarfed her friend’s jacket to run down the hallway semi-dressed. I thought she looked so sexy dressed like that we ended up making it her outfit for this set. Plus you can’t go wrong with big effing boots. I think all industrial wastelands would be best protected if patrolled by Lum.
–Amelia G


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