BlueBlood showcases Lydia Black on the wheel of doom


No time for love, dr jo..nes. This photo shoot by BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black gives a whole new meaning to spinner. Lydia Black is a punk girl next door on a carnival ride gone wrong (or very right, depending…).

Lydia Black and the Wheel of Doom showcases both the artistic eye of BlueBlood’s wonder duo and the sheer fortitude of Lydia Black. This series has it all–school girl outfit? Check. Leather? Check. Bondage? Yup. Being strapped to a spinning wheel and photographed in all sorts of manner from upside down to parallel with the floor to a wicked wheel sideways glance? Check check, and check mate.

Although the wheel photos are amazing (seriously, upside down?!) I would be amiss if I didn’t mention Lydia’s nails (love the gold on black) and ink. She has a lot of great work on her but the framing of the heart tattoo on her left arm is gorgeously done. I can’t show you that tattoo because it come out only when she’s almost fully nude (nothing on but a pair of stockings…). You’ll have to click on through to see that one for yourself and you’ll be thankful you did–it ain’t an AltStar Magazine cover shoot for nothin’.

I’m happy to introduce Lydia Black (no relation, that I know of) to the sites, with this fun bound schoolgirl set Amelia G and I shot recently. A picture from this set just made the cover of AltStar Magazine, which was included in the goodie bags for the awesome 2019 AltPorn Awards party. Lydia Black is a truly impressive performer and a total joy to work with, and I really appreciate her letting us bind her up in leather straps and spin her around for these.
Forrest Black~


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