PureTaboo Under the Bed – The Night they Came for Lacy

It’s funny when worlds collide (no, I’m not talking about the DC Crisis–nothing funny about that set of tear jerking episodes!). I was just thinking ‘Man, I bet Joanna Angel would make a great guest star for Pure Taboo’. We know Joanna Angel’s Burning Angel does a great set of high quality adult theme horror and horror spoofs, so it wasn’t too shocking to see her team up with the Bree Mills created series Under the Bed.

I’m a pretty big fan of Burning Angel’s cast of regulars. They all have the talent to bring ‘out of the sex’ scenes and they are a perfect fit for this series. The Night they errmmm…Came…for Lacy (damn pun intended) is a throwback to the horror comics I grew up with as a kid (before the Code). It’s the death by misadventure (sign me up) crew of youth gone before their time–usually because someone was being a dork. ‘We didn’t even want to go out!’ is the line that echoes in my mind–well, the PG line at least. There are a lot of great XXX lines in the movie that I can’t write out here.

I can’t tell or show you much of this PureTaboo series because, well, it’s about as safe for work as my (sadly true) story about giving my grandmother (rest her soul) some bodily fluids by mistake. In short–it aint SFW at all. Nothing about this one is SFW and that’s the brilliance of it. It’s as if Nightbreed came to life and really took revenge on those who wronged him. I love the casting choices and I learned something today. I learned that Small Hands’ name is Aaron, or at least that’s what his tombstone says (and I’m a firm believer in gravemarker truths).

If you too want to learn something like today like ‘Do I have a zombie fetish?’ then this is the movie for you. Not only is that answered (yes) but the story has just enough throw-backs to make it a true horror film worthy of the cast and crew. It’s one of my favorite Under the Bed stories and that says a lot. Click on through to find out why.

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