Cosplayer Ping Ping Takes It Next Level


Here’s a bunny cosplay. Because, who doesn’t like a bunny cosplay?
Meet Pingping, one of Asias known cosplayer on social media. She is also among those well-travelled cosplayers who make an extra living off of their guest appearances in overseas conventions and selling their merchandise. She also has a Ko-fi page where in her supporters can offer pledges and/or donations in the form of ko-fi (for 3$ each) to fund her projects and depending on how much ko-fi you send her, in exchange Pingping sends gifts to her supporters. Everyone of her supporters receive a handwritten fan sign, but for 3 ko-fis, they receive a fansign and a photoset; and 10 ko-fis will get the donor a fansign, a HD digital photoset, a thank you video, and a digital sexy photoset.

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