Pingping Teases New Nero Cosplay Album


Vietnamese cosplayer, Pingping, is back with a gorgeous Nero cosplay. At the start of the year she had already teased that she was doing a photoshoot with photographer, KMP Nguyen, and had posted some sneak previews of what’s to come out in her new photo album. Pingping still has not announced any details of when it will be out, where it will be sold and for how much it will be sold for are but the fans who’ve flocked to her social media are already counting down the days. To help her with her efforts of producing her own merchandise, fans are donating to her KO-fi and her Patreon. Those who donate to her Patreon get to receive new photosets that haven’t been posted on social media and this depends on how much is donated. Pingping still also sells older photosets at her official store.


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