Cosplayer Helps Treat COVID-19 Patients


Stereotypically, Asians are expected to give up their dreams in pursuit of a medical degree to make their parents happy. Not this Asian. Professional body builder and cosplayer, Yuan Herong, has always graced social media with contents of her life as a cosplayer and a competitive body builder. Little did we know that when she is not in the gym lifting weights or at the studio doing photoshoots, she works as a physician in Shandong Province in China.

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, Yuan revealed on Instagram that she was among those tirelessly working in the frontlines to treat victims of the virus.

“I am a doctor.” Yuan had written in an Instagram post with a photo of her in a white coat and a surgical mask on. She explained that she has to be in the front line and that she will do her best to help with the epidemic.


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