Masuimi’s Warm Embrace


When you take a woman as hot as Masuimi and have her dress up in a colorful, warm, and yet revealing outfit, you have a winning combination. If then you apply makeup by Alex LaMarsh that not only stays true to the warm feel of the set, but you also add some cool colors (like the white on Masuimi’s lipstick), and on top of that you let her not only pose but slowly take off her clothes, then it turns into something unbeatable.

BlueBlood seems to know this as today it brings you this gallery where you will get to see this marvelous woman in a setting that allows her to show you all the ways in which RubberDollies can seduce you, as this set comes like a welcome embrace for the upcoming winter.

Be advised though, because once you start looking at the images you won’t want to stop for a very long time.






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