Kloe_18 in a Sexy Luigi Costume


OK, so normally I’m all about having someone’s cosplay be as accurate as possible. But, when Kloe_18 puts on a sexy Luigi costume and starts dancing around, the way only she can, I’m fine with letting attention to detail slide just this once. Her leotard Luigig costume really shows off those amazing hips of hers.

I honestly love getting to write about this girl, she has so much energy and makes her rooms so much fun. Some performers just sit on their bed, but at the end of one of her performances she must be exhausted, she never quits dancing and moving around, all the while doing it with a gorgeous smile on her face. It’s downright impressive.

Hello I am Natalia or better known as kloe, this experience of transmitting began more than a year ago , and has changed my life I love what I do , the fact that I want and accept as I am makes each day of transmission is a new adventure , I consider myself a happy person and above all a normal woman that does not meet certain standards set by society , I want you with me to feel a connection that more like a sex object I see you as a company, a friend , that when the connect to me is like entering the wonderland. I like to be honest with me (without deprive me of the respect) I am a woman of strong character if I don’t like something I have the courage to speak in front of and to who it is, nothing of what you see here is produced or feigned, I am a professional in what I do and the best thing is that I like to do and that is take the best of me.


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