Miette Cosplaying as Aloy; Horizon Zero Dawn


Miette, from CosplayErotica, is doing an amazing cosplay of Aloy from the hit PS4 game Horizon: Zero Dawn. Aloy is a strong woman and a survivor. As strong as she is, however, she’s twice as sexy. Wither her bow and arrow and prehistoric garb she is ready to take on whatever mechanical monster comes her way.

What can I say, I absolutely love redheads, and Miette is one of the most gorgeous around. Her red hair shines like the sun. Her pale white skin is absolutely flawless. But, what I really like about this woman is how strong and confident she looks. I could see her actually taking on a mechanical animal with nothing but a bow and arrow and barely breaking a sweat. It’s not just her face, however, but her body is gorgeous too. It’s toned with curves in all the right places.


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