Welcome Back and Happy Caturday, AnimeAnnie!


It has been a while since I got to pop in to one of AnimeAnnie‘s Caturday streams. She says she has been away from MFC for six months. She is still looking beautiful as always and, however her year has been going, she puts a smile on other people’s faces with her cheery demeanor. Her kitty teeth look so cute and she talks with them in with no change in her speech. This is actually not necessarily easy. AnimeAnnie might just have a perfect cat mouth though.

Right now, we are discussing the classic Heathers movie in her room. I love that she will throw one liners from great cinema into her conversation. I personally loved the original Heathers so much that I watched the first episode of Heathers television show. Aside from being terrible in almost every metric you could think of, the Heathers TV show failed to cast a male lead that anyone would be willing to kill their friends for, the way Winona Rider was willing to get all murdery with Christian Slater’s super hot character in the original film.

If you’d like to discuss cool movies and Red Dead Redemption, it is free to set up a profile before the New Year, so you can friend AnimeAnnie on the site and join everyone in her streaming room. There is also a day and a half left to get custom critter drawing fan signs from her, if you have some leftover holiday funds to tip.

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