Birdbox : Is It Worth It To Watch?


Bird Box is the debut work of Josh Malerman and was published in UK on March 2014 and in US on May. Fast forward to 2018, Netflix released Bird Box and as per Netflix, 45 million accounts have watch this movie. How was watching Bird Box like and is it worth to watch?

The start of the movie is just like any other post apocalyptic movies would start off — they’re living normal lives. For Malorie, the main character, this is not what she planned. She’s pregnant and the guy won’t even answer her calls. What makes this movie different from others, is that instead of turning into a zombie and eating people, this invisible being makes people kill themselves. It triggers the people’s fear of the unknown but the movie does not show what other people are seeing and what they actually feel. Others may think, “Oh great! We don’t even know what it is! Why don’t they show us?”. Well maybe if the movie showed it, then it wouldn’t be that scary.

Malorie struggled to keep the kids alive and I cannot count the number of times I was afraid of what might happen to the kids. A scene on this movie also reminded me of Rick of Walking Dead when Malorie was able to reach someone over the two way radio transceiver Remember that time when Rick from Walking Dead also held the same two way radio transreceiver? Thought it was a crossover.

Unfortunately, this is a movie and not series and felt like the movie ended so soon. Personally, I love the movie and how I wished there was more but I think it’s how it should end. Was it worth watching it? Yes, of course it is. It’s still on Netflix and it’s not just a hype, this movie is a great one and you’ll never regret it.


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