From the genius brains of Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead comes a new horror series to hit the screens this June 3rd. Taking a break from Walking Dead, there’s no better diversion than to watch something as scary as the last one. Kirkman wanted to create something like The Walking Dead but at the same time, different.

In one interview, Kirkman said that he was just developing the story when Sharon Tal Yguado (who runs Fox International) asked him what he’s doing and when he mentioned of maybe making Outcast explaining about the idea and she instantly cut him off and said “Well, I’ll buy that.” The very next day, his staff called him and said that they got the deal from Fox International, in a sort of surprised, excited, nervous way. It all happened so fast and I can say Fox trusts Kirkman’s ingenuity.

Well, Outcast is a story about a guy, who was an outcast in their town (for some reason, he is) and returned town. Even the sheriff or police believes there is something wrong with their town and that the people are somewhat afraid. After watching the trailers, I found out that Outcast is about demonic possession and although it is not a zombie apocalypse show, I can see that this is going to be a big hit just like The Walking Dead.

Although it’s debut will premiere on June 3, 2016, Outcast already renewed on March 14, 2016 for the second season. This must be good!


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