Kissing Booth 2: Why You Should Watch It

Back in 2018, Kissing Booth was released on Netflix and it’s a great feel-good movie. Not too heavy, dramatic or intense. It’s funny and romantic but ends the way we expected it to be. It’s uncomplicated but it’d be boring if there’s no surprises and twists here and there.

I think that they’ve upped the bar on the second movie now that everyone have established their own relationships… sort of.

With the news about Joey King (Elle) and Jacob Elordi (Noah) about their real life relationship ending, it’s worth it to watch Kissing Booth 2.

Long Distance Relationship

People say Jacob Elordi looked miserable and not really giving his all in the movie. I think they’re just good actors because his character – Noah – is supposedly miserable, right? I think all casts did their best and if you watched through the entire movie, you’ll see why his character is like that.

Not everyone can make long distance relationship work because even if there’s technology, it just doesn’t work if you’re not together. What’s good is that most couples make it work, even if he’s on the other side of the world. You make it work if you want to make it work, right?

New Guy

Taylor Zakhar Perez plays as Marco Peña. Everyone knows Marco. Well…there’s always a Marco in highschool. He’s hot, he’s athletic, he can play guitar, he’s the # 1 winner on almost all of the games that Elle and Lee plays at the arcade and the guy sure can dance. To insert some complications on Elle and Noah’s relationship, you have to put the popular guy in the middle. Marco developed some feelings with Elle when they spent their time practicing for the Dance Dance Mania contest, as Lee’s replacement as he fake sprained his ankle during practice.

New Girl

Chloe Winthrop — played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers — is the hot chick hanging out with Noah and his friends and obviously, Elle’s feeling jealous because Chloe looks like a model, totally gets Noah’s attention and she’s always, always with him.

Torn Between Bestfriend and Girlfriend

Sometimes, when you’re used to being there with your bestfriend, it’s kind of hard to distance yourself even if your bestfriend is already in a relationship. In most relationships, this has been a problem. Rachel struggled to find her place whenever Elle and Lee are together and most of the time gets left out.

Characters Coming Out

It’s so nice that they also featured two characters who represents LGBT and that everyone’s very accepting of that (as we all should). Elle was not judgemental about Ollie having feelings for Miles and, in my opinion, the most unproblematic couple of this movie are those two. Ollie revealed his feelings for Miles at the Kissing Booth and, of course, Miles feels the same way and they’re now a couple. No drama, just love.

Kissing Booth

Previously, Noah and Elle realized their feelings for each other at the Kissing Booth. This time, Marco expressed his feelings for Elle and said that there’s something between them — that they felt something there, which I agree. I felt sorry for Marco, really, and if Noah and Elle didn’t work out, Marco and Elle would look good together. I’d love to see his character more on the next movie.

Berkeley or Harvard?

On that split second, you can see that Elle have two letters – from Berkeley and Harvard. One of the letters neatly folded and you cannot see anything on it. The other letter, below the envelope from Berkeley, have a part of the letter that says “.. distinguished academic and extracurricular achievements captured our attention as we read through more than…applications this year. Clearly, you have worked hard to become the individual represented….”

Maybe they placed it on there for us to think Elle’s going to Berkeley but she’s really going to Harvard? On the last 10 minutes of the movie, Elle revealed that she was wait listed. That may be true, but I think, she just said that because she doesn’t want to disappoint both Noah — because he wants Elle to go to Harvard with him –and Lee –because they’ve planned forever to go to the same school as the other.

All of those things are speculations but what I’m sure of, there will surely be a Kissing Booth 3.

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