Marylin stalks her prey as Aloy


A hot cosplay from CosplayErotica has Marylin taking the center stage as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. This fiery cosplay offers a great depiction of the protagonist, only added to by Marylin’s own demeanor.

This is a fantastic cosplay to marvel at, from the amount of detail on her costume to her confidence as Aloy. This cosplayer truly brings the character to life, seeming to be taken right out from the game itself. It doesn’t hurt that it gives in to the imagination either, of course. Her tight body and curves only helps to fill the role of this huntress.

Aloy is curious, determined, and intent on uncovering the mysteries of her world. Unlike many in her tribe who shun the use of technology, Aloy sees technology as a practical and unique tool to aid her in her quest, frequently using her Focus throughout her life to aid in hunting machines and tracking individuals.


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