Marylin gets ready to slay some zombies


When zombies attack, it is best to have a high powered weapon at your disposal. Of course, it can’t hurt to also have a fierce looking woman wielding that weapon. In this shoot by Cosplay Erotica, we see the re-enactment of Resident Evil. For the role of Alice comes Marylin. This version of Alice comes with an intense looking outfit that reveals a bit with a see-through mesh mixed with leather and steel. I am a fan of using the see-through for this outfit instead of just having her exposed skin. I think it adds to the feel of the shoot. She also does quite well posing with the gun as seen here. Her body is long and slender; she uses the gun poses to accentuate the length of her which then brings my eyes to the tightness underneath her outfit.

Of course, what I can’t show you is what she looks like under those clothes. Let’s just say with Marylin undressing, the zombies won’t be the only thing stiff.

Few examples from the Resident Evil: Retribution set with any computer generated background. Marylin is very hot as Alice.


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