Hunting Zombies in Style


Cosplay-Mate brings us their Zombie Slayer shoot. It looks a lot like a Resident Evil set. Okay, so this is the director’s cut that I often play in my head when I watch the movie series. Two women, both armed and dangerous (and carrying guns), going out to take on a slew of zombies. The action starts, the adrenaline rises, and, before they know it, they start making out.

Zombie attack!


The attack doesn’t last long because–even when making out–they have each other covered. Sometimes literally covered as you can see from some of the photos.

I quite like this shoot. It has everything needed for a perfect day. Zombies, guns, and great looking women fighting to protect each other and then, getting undressed, making out, and doing other things than fighting.

Oh, and special bonus for the killer (no pun) Reaper tattoo on the dark haired model.



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