The No Nonsense Hero


Of all the animes I’ve watched, there’s one thing in common for those superhero types of animes. The hero, or protagonist, whenever there’s a villain or new villain, they always get beaten up before they throw that one last punch to beat the bad guy. Of course, after those dramas, flashbacks, sacrifices and theatrical background music. If it were me, why would I let myself be beaten up by a guy who I know I can beat up on the first round?

This is the main reason why I enjoyed watching, One Punch Man. I first saw Saitama, the protagonist, through the memes on websites. I also laughed because there’s one meme that says, “Longer hair equals to more power.” and Saitama is like, Okay.

This is one crazy anime and I laughed out loud all the time while watching this. I say that he’s a “No Nonsense” hero because he beats up the bad guys in just one punch. No matter what they do, they just couldn’t beat him. Deep inside, you know that that’s what you’re asking for a hero. Invincible.

I also saw different cosplays of Saitama and I’ve never ever seen someone who resembles an anime character so much without even trying! One Punch Man is now streaming on Hulu as well.


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