Miette Is the Princess Ciri from The Witcher


Most princesses are content with sitting in some castle waiting for their Prince Charming to come and save them. Ciri, played by Miette from Cosplayerotica, is no such princess. She is as deadly as she is gorgeous. With her broadsword in hand, she has no problem getting her hands dirty in combat.

Miette looks amazing in this shoot with her white hair and pale skin she reminds me of another princess, Snow White. However, she can do quite a bit more damage than Snow since she has a giant sword and the leather boots and gloves that would be perfect for any adventure. I think she nails this cosplay, she looks strong and confident, and that’s the sexiest thing ever.

Ciri is a playable character in the third game, in which she is being pursued by the Wild Hunt. The player isn’t able to switch between her and Geralt at will but rather assume control over her actions during some crucial points of the plot.


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